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Magi Astrology symbolisms are continually evolving through research.

Which Synastry Aspects Would Make Me Run AFTER Him?

This leads to more detailed specifications and also co- rulerships of certain energies as more planetary bodies are incorporated. Definition of Success. The definition of success will vary for different people, but in an increasingly materialistic and disconnected society it would be easy to define it as lots of money, big house and popularity on social media. This could well be a trap. Family, spirituality, contemplation, peace and quiet, health and exercise are all factors that would come in here. Planetary Symbolisms. The Sun The Sun represents the person, company or event of the chart.

The sun rules the heart the body's circulation system and the vitality of a person. The Moon The Moon rules emotions, the subconscious and the psyche. Urges and mood swings are ruled by the moon, as are illogical beliefs, habits and actions. The Earth When we work with heliocentric astrology we see the earth travelling around us, instead of the Sun. Here, Earth represents the person, company of event of the same chart in the same manner. Mercury Mercury rules the mind an anything that mimics the mind, such as computers.

It rules travel, singing, writing as well as mental or physical exploration. Mercury rules the eyes, ears brain, the nervous system and the reflexes. Any profession that has a primary focus on communication is ruled by Mercury. Venus Venus rules the act of combining things, such as a partnership. It's a social planet that rules intimacy and desire for a woman. Venus rules attraction, but not true love.

Money, cash flow, luxury and companionship are ruled by Venus. Mars Mars is a physical planets that represents sex drive, competition and the athlete. It rules aggression and what we do with the body, including dance, farming and the willingness to take action. Mars also rules war and the weapons of war. Jupiter Jupiter symbolises success, wisdom and fulfilment. Higher education, spirituality and grace are ruled by Jupiter, as are fairness and genius.

Protection, leadership and royalty also come under the domain of Jupiter. Saturn Saturn rules negativity and difficulties including tragedy. It also rules scientific thinking. Saturn co-rules deception with Juno and it's the planet of control and dominance, including that of others. Saturn represents bad luck and confusion. Uranus Uranus represents freedom and independence and the urge for both. Technology, aviation and space travel are ruled by Uranus. Jupiter is symbolic of Judeo-Christian religions, Providence, grace, power benevolently used, self-sacrifice, selflessness, as well as protection and the protector.

Jupiter is also representative of truth and true genius, the leader, royalty, expansion of what is good or helpful, and contraction of what is bad and harmful. Jupiter is the most powerful benefic Venus is second , and it improves and helps every planet it makes an aspect with. Mercury governs communication and writing, the mind, intelligence, design, mathematics, logic, poetry, singing, and music.

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Mercury also rules teaching; and the conveying of ideas, messages, announcements, and conferences. Because Mercury was the Roman god of speed and messengers, Mercury rules speed and swiftness, travel, transportation, and all vehicles of transportation including airplanes, cars, and railroads. Since Mercury rules traveling, it also represents exploring and exploration-including the exploration of the mind, space; and exploring for minerals, oil, and gas.

Mercury has dominion over very important parts of the body, including the brain, ears, eyes, respiratory system, nervous system, and the reflexes. Mercury signifies the teacher, writer, singer, architect, and any profession that has a primary requirement of use of the mind or that requires the act of communicating. Mercury's rulership of the mind extends to anything that mimics the mind, such as calculators, computers, and computer software. Uranus is symbolic of freedom and independence and the urge for both; and is representative of excitement and thrill seeking.

Uranus also signifies change and what is new, including the news. Also, it represents astrology, because it is the study of changes in planets' positions, which creates new things. Since change can be revolutionary, Uranus is representative of everything that is new or innovative, including discoveries. Along these lines, Uranus symbolizes what has changed the world, such as inventions and technology, flying, space travel, and aeronautics. But the most important rulerships of Uranus are that of fame, the public, and whatever has to do with the public-such as the mass media, broadcasting, and the entertainment business.

Uranus is representative of what is worldwide, pervasive, and universal in nature or status, and publicity and publicizing. It is Uranus that signifies the globalization of anything, and it is also symbolic of being massive in general size or amounts. In our bodies, Uranus is ruler of what our body does to adjust to changes; this means Uranus rules balance, eye-hand coordination, and depth perception; but it overlaps with Mercury in these areas. Saturn is symbolic of too much or too little of something, and never just the right amount.

It is also the planet of control and dominance, and the desire for control and dominance over others. Saturn represents restrictions and constriction-contraction of what is helpful, and expansion of what is harmful. It governs scientific thinking and whatever is contrary to Judeo-Christian traditions.

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It is symbolic of obstruction, limitations, shortages, destruction, losses, mistakes, hindrances, disruptions, bad luck, dissolutions, and breaking apart. It is also representative of revenge, selfishness, and narrow-mindedness. Saturn is the planet of deception; and signifies temptation, deceit, deceitfulness, the occult and attraction to the occult, and also confusion.

Saturn also governs frustration, disappointment, being unhappy, as well as hatred and repulsion. What's interesting to note is that Saturn signifies temptations of all kinds and being unable to resist them. There are problems in this world, so there has to be a planet that signifies them-and Saturn is the one that does. Chiron is both a Financial Planet and a Romance Planet and is the planet that has rulership over emotional ties, marriages, weddings, the family, spouses, and children. It represents the target of a person's romantic and marital interest. Chiron also has rulership over promises and commitments of love, including engagements and marriage vows.

It governs fertility and pregnancies, and the act of giving birth to children in marriage. Chiron rules the marital and romantic instinct and desire of romance, as well as romance itself. It also signifies karmic bonds and intuitive trust.

Magi Astrology Aspects - Jupiters Web

Chiron has dominion over charisma and a person's public image; and being noteworthy, esteemed, distinctive, and distinguished in appearance. Chiron is ruler of your career and how you choose to make a living, as well as where you could be most successful. It also signifies your earning power, the economy, and economics. Chiron imparts extraordinary qualities. It also represents life, death, and reincarnation, and it is symbolic of the future.

To say that Chiron is a very important planet is an understatement! The Sun symbolizes the actual person, day, or entity of the astrological chart. In this regard, the Sun can also represent a relationship, a marriage, a corporation or partnership, a contract, a time period, and anything else that is able to be represented.

If you do not understand this, you will after all the examples that are provided later in this book. In general, linkages are more favorable than clashes in romantic super-linkages, but clashes from most planets are actually more favorable than Saturn linkages. More on Planetary Symbolisms in Magi Astrology. Planetary geometry also impacts the interpretation of romantic super-linkages. A grand trine is the most favorable geometry for a romantic super-linkage.

Top 3 SOULMATE Indicators in Astrology (Synastry) - 2019

Mystical triangles and yods can also be favorable, depending on the planets involved and their positions. T-squares and Grand Crosses, while typically unfavorable, would have to include a linkage to Chiron somewhere and so would have to be assessed in light of that, but would still be likely indicators of difficulties for the couple.

A sign of true love. Feeling like you belong together. Wanting to make a commitment- wanting to marry. Soulmate Linkages give a couple the feeling of belonging together but they do not guarantee "happily ever after. The Ultimate Sexual Linkage: Juno-Venus linkage Irresistible attraction that can compel people to find a way to get together. Can just be a super-hot amour without complication or could blind you to important facts or tempt you abandon your values. Each pattern has its own flavor and its own duration.

Sexual Captivations create extreme sexual intensity coupled with an imbalance of power unless there is Saturn Balance. Can create desperate obsessions and can be very destructive- see examples at right. Ever desperately felt that you couldn't live without someone? Ever done things you wouldn't otherwise do to be with someone? It holds a couple together, sometimes for years, before it ultimately breaks one or both of their hearts.

Heartbreak clashes CAN be overcome Heartbreak Clashes can be overcome by a perfect or nearly-perfect wedding date. See: Magi Weddings They may also be overpowered by certain other situations. Couples with Nuclear Clashes have to work very hard and be very patient to stay together for long. These relationships can be incredibly painful.

Relationship happiness is seemingly not meant to be. What do you have to gain or lose from the partnership? The ruling chart of your relationship is a crucial key to the relationship's potential- it can dramatically influence happiness or heartbreak, success or failure and help determine if the couple will move on to the next stage of their relationship.

For new acquaintances, the ruling chart is the chart for the first face-to-face meeting. For engaged couples, the chart of your engagement is the ruling chart.

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For married couples, the chart of the wedding is the ruling chart. Even as a relationship progresses, the meeting chart continues to play a role until a couple marries, and to some degree afterward The ruling chart by itself is a key to the basic strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and its likely outcome. It also has much to do with how each partner perceives the relationship.

It is also a romance linkage and a cinderell linkage. Jupiter-Chiron linkage - This is a romance linkage,a golden linkage,and also a cinderella linkage.